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Software from Russian Federation

10600 freeware and shareware programs for direct download.

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  • Software from Russian Federation: (429 Results)

  •  1.  AlphaPlugins EngraverAI (Win) 1.0  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available!  Windows 
    Making quality engravings can be a costly and time-consuming project. This doesnt include the time and money required to obtain proper training in engraving like a pro.
    0.37 MB
     2.  AlphaPlugins EngraverAI Mac 1.0  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available!  macOS 
    Making quality engravings can be a costly and time-consuming project. This doesnt include the time and money required to obtain proper training in engraving like a pro.
    0.48 MB
     3.  UnHackMe  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    UnHackMe was initially created as anti-rootkit software (2005), but currently eliminates the following types of malicious software: Search redirecting, Popup Ads, Potentially Unwanted programs (PUPs), Rootkits, Trojans, Spyware, Keyloggers.
    17.67 MB
     4.  Duplicate Outlook Items Report 4.13  Screenshot available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Free report on duplicate Outlook items shows how many duplicates contained in the selected Microsoft Outlook folders. The report shows the presence of duplicates for each selected folder or across all selected MS Outlook folders.
    0.33 MB
     5.  RasterVect 26.6.43  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    RasterVect can transform raster images (JPEG,BMP,TIFF...) into a vector format. Raster drawings can be imported by scanning paper drawings. Target vector formats (DXF,WMF,EMF,AI and EPS) are used by most CAD / vector programs (AutoCAD, Corel Draw).
    23.22 MB
     6.  Total XML Converter 3.4  Productvideo available! Screenshot available!  Windows 
    Use Total XML Converter to convert XML to CSV, JSON, or PDF. It processes XML files in batches via user interface or command line. Download the free 30-day evaluation copy now!
    59.85 MB
     7.  Metalith 10.03  Screenshot available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Metalith is a metadata editor. The main feature of the program is the ability to simultaneously edit any number of files. The program supports various metadata standards, as well as various file formats.
    16.29 MB
     8.  Red Button 5.3  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    Red Button is a powerful tool for optimization and cleaning your Windows PC.
    0.58 MB
     9.  Best Free Snipping Tool 1.5  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    Even though Windows 7, 8 and 10 include free snipping tool in its OS, it lacks some features regular users would like to see. Best Free Snipping Tool was developed to solve the problem and offer a tool for taking and editing screenshots
    1.21 MB
     10.  Network Shares Recycle Bin  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    The Network Shared Recycle Bin allows you to backup and recover deleted files on the server side. Once you have this tool in your system, it will automatically keep a track of all the network deleted files and you can easily recover them.
    5.56 MB
  • Updates
  • DMA Radius Manager 4.3.0 Linux 
    21.05.2019 / 9.77 MB
    Proxy Switcher PRO 7.0.0 Windows 
    20.05.2019 / 4.61 MB
    Soft4Boost Slideshow Studio 4.9.7 Windows 
    20.05.2019 / 61.36 MB
    OpenTimeClock 2.0 Windows 
    20.05.2019 / 60.38 MB
    HelpSmith Windows 
    20.05.2019 / 40.62 MB
    DBX to PST Converter 7.5.3 Windows 
    20.05.2019 / 2.4 MB
    Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner 5.9.5. Windows 
    20.05.2019 / 14.55 MB
    Duplicate Media Finder 5.006 Windows 
    18.05.2019 / 22.38 MB
    ComboTIFF for Windows 2.32 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 7.52 MB
    Vectoraster 7.4.1 macOS 
    17.05.2019 / 13.71 MB
    Batch MMedia Date Changer 1.53 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 13.73 MB
    Extreme Picture Finder 3.44 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 5.93 MB
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  • New entries
  • 16 Track Mp3 Player 2019 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 2.97 MB
    CM Batch Filename Changer 1.0.2 macOS 
    17.05.2019 / 16.28 MB
    CM Batch Photo Processor 3.2.1 macOS 
    17.05.2019 / 35.32 MB
    Shine 3D Screensaver 2.0 Windows 
    16.05.2019 / 1.29 MB
    AlphaPlugins EngraverAI (Win) 1.0 Windows 
    16.05.2019 / 0.37 MB
    AlphaPlugins EngraverAI Mac 1.0 macOS 
    16.05.2019 / 0.48 MB
    Easy audio mixer LITE 2.3.2 Windows 
    15.05.2019 / 22.9 MB
    Listazo Windows 
    15.05.2019 / 3.84 MB
    Easy Speech2Text 1.1.1 Windows 
    14.05.2019 / 6.22 MB
    OfficeSuite for Windows 3.1 Windows 
    14.05.2019 / 2.77 MB
    OzGISMac 14.6 macOS 
    14.05.2019 / 0.46 MB
    Color Cells Screensaver 2.0 Windows 
    14.05.2019 / 1.42 MB
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