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Desktop (330)

10697 freeware and shareware programs for direct download.

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     1.  Summer Charm Screensaver 2.0  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available!  Windows 
    Feel the warmth of first summer days with free downloadable Summer Charm Screensaver! Colorful, bright and shine screensaver is the best decoration for your desktop PC. You will see nice flowers swaying in the wind.
    15.11 MB
     2.  Ainvo Lock Screen  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    The program allows you to view on the lock screen an image of the site or your own photos. You can customize the period of changing photos. The program is designed to work in operating systems Windows 10 build 1703 and later.
    0.4 MB

     3.  SimpleMonitorOff 1.0.2  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    Powers off your screen (or screens) when you lock your computer.
    1.64 MB
     4.  Color Cells Screensaver 2.0  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available!  Windows 
    Do you want to improve your mood using your desktop PC? It is very easy! Just use Color Cells Screensaver for it. Nice animated disco screensaver with various cells colors is extraordinarily beautiful piece of software.
    1.42 MB
     5.  Shine 3D Screensaver 2.0  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available!  Windows 
    What about the unusual special effects 3D screensaver for your desktop PC? Get ready to observe abstract 3D waves with light glare effects. Waves are going from right to left, intersecting and creating light shine.
    1.29 MB
     6.  Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.14.1  Screenshot available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Cool photo slideshow screensaver with 240+ transition effects plus free wallpaper downloader! Simply choose what kind of pictures you want (Cars, Nature, Girls, 3D, Anime and many others) and enjoy new wallpapers every time the screensaver starts!
    6.02 MB
     7.  Galactic Space Screensaver 2.0  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available!  Windows 
    Do you want a special screensaver for your computer? Observe some far away galaxy and its space from your Windows desktop PC. This galaxy consists of millions of small and big stars, moving and rotating around galactic center.
    1.49 MB
     8.  Kaleider Screensaver 5.3.3  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    Kaleider generates various Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors and Funnels in random sequences, optionally with motion, 3D depth perspectives and music. Configuration allows control of which effects are included and how often they are rendered.
    6.28 MB
     9.  Liquib Screensaver 2.5.3  Screenshot available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Liquib turns an image into a virtual fluid, to produce flowing, evolving transformations on its liquified surface, optionally with music. Configuration options control which effects are included and how often they are rendered.
    5.67 MB
     10.  RAM Monitor Gadget 1.2  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    Monitors how much RAM is being used.
    1.87 MB
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  • Updates
  • GlassWire Firewall 2.1.158 Windows 
    13.06.2019 / 34.1 MB
    FreeFileSync 10.13 Windows 
    13.06.2019 / 13.39 MB
    The Easy Photo 2 Data URI Lite 1. Windows 
    12.06.2019 / 2.41 MB
    The Batch Photo Editor Lite 1.22 Windows 
    12.06.2019 / 2.36 MB
    FolderMill 4.6 Windows 
    11.06.2019 / 88.7 MB
    KeepLock 1.2.2 Android 
    11.06.2019 / 8.81 MB
    SAM Broadcaster Cloud 2019.2 Windows 
    10.06.2019 / 5.86 MB
    Office Timeline Free Edition 3.63 Windows 
    10.06.2019 / 16.5 MB
    HttpMaster Express 4.5.0 Windows 
    10.06.2019 / 3.96 MB
    Soft Cleaner 1.2019.4.4 Windows 
    08.06.2019 / 1.28 MB
    EssentialPIM 8.52 Windows 
    07.06.2019 / 13.08 MB
    EssentialPIM Portable 8.52 Windows 
    07.06.2019 / 15.57 MB
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  • New entries
  • Strip Inspector Beta 1 Windows 
    13.06.2019 / 0.08 MB
    Summer Charm Screensaver 2.0 Windows 
    12.06.2019 / 15.11 MB
    Super Finder XT Windows 
    11.06.2019 / 5.39 MB
    Auto Fading Main Beta 2 2 Windows 
    07.06.2019 / 0.08 MB
    OverSite by MollieSoft Windows 
    04.06.2019 / 1.11 MB
    Ainvo Lock Screen Windows 
    03.06.2019 / 0.4 MB
    SimpleMonitorOff 1.0.2 Windows 
    03.06.2019 / 1.64 MB
    The Easy Photo Cartoonizer Lite 1 Windows 
    01.06.2019 / 2.4 MB
    The Batch SlideShow Creator Lite  Windows 
    01.06.2019 / 27.48 MB
    The Easy Photo Editor Lite 1.20 Windows 
    01.06.2019 / 2.38 MB
    LiteBox3D 2019.2 Windows 
    08.05.2019 / 176.52 MB
    SanPDF Windows 
    05.05.2019 / 26.42 MB
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