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A complete database of UK restaurants

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The most complete source of point of interest poi / business / places data lists, csv and mysql databases Most of our cutomers use this data for marketing a product or service to specific businessses in a specific region, and in specific categories / industries Others use the data as a basis for apps and websites that require this poi business data what could you use this data for? Simply click the contact link in the header to let us know your requirements, we offer custom filtering of the data and will supply detailed samples upon request. Our current database boasts over 140 million entries worldwide. ( this is more than any competitors ) Our database is completely refreshed every 3 months, to ensure the data is always accurate and up to date Last update was December 2016 Our data is harvested from hundreds of online and offline sources and accurately categorized, de duplicated and merged using advanced proprietary algorithms. Click the Browse the Data Link in the navigation bar to see the stats breakdown of our data. You can also use our Search Tool to parse out the data you are interested in specifically.

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