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10600 freeware and shareware programs for direct download.

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     1.  Privacy Eraser Free 4.50.5  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Privacy Eraser is an all-in-one privacy suite that protects your privacy by cleaning up all your Internet history tracks and past computer activities.
    5.01 MB
     2.  Tembo 2.3  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available! Antivirus report available  macOS 
    Tembo: Easy and Effective File Search. The job of Tembo is to make searching (and finding) of documents, mail messages, bookmarks, ... as easy as possible.
    5.38 MB

     3.  Privacy Eraser Portable 4.50  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Privacy Eraser is an all-in-one privacy suite that protects your privacy by cleaning up all your Internet history tracks and past computer activities.
    5.78 MB
     4.  ChrisPC Win Experience Index 5.30  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available!  Windows 
    ChrisPC Win Experience Index is the free tool that lets you rate your computer and check again the Windows Experience Index on your Windows 10 installation, giving you the possibility to view the CPU, RAM, HDD scores and more...
    1 MB
     5.  Weather Monitor 9.4  Screenshot available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    With this Weather Monitor you can get the latest local current and forecast weather conditions.
    0.75 MB
     6.  mysys 3.1  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available!  Windows 
    A Window into your System! mysys is a fast system wide file finder. It uses sqlite's FTS (Full Text Search) to find files almost instantly. So if you have millions of files mysys will prove to be an invaluable time saver!
    99.33 MB
     7.  Rank Tracker Enterprise 8.26.11  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    Rank Tracker Enterprise is an easy-to-use rankings monitoring tool for SEOs which lets you check site ranks in 314 search engines, track an unlimited number of sites, keep history, draw visual progress graphs and make reports.
    263.63 MB
     8.  The .Net PDF Library  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    A .NET PDF library such as Iron PDF is a software library for C#, VB.NET, and other .NET Framework developers to work with PDFs generating PDFs, editing PDFs, and extracting PDF content within their applications. Supports .Net Core & .Net Framework.
    148.75 MB
     9.  DarkWave Studio 5.8.0  Screenshot available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    DarkWave Studio is a free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / modular virtual music studio for Windows. You can easily use the built in sequencer, bundled DarkPlug machines and third-party VST effects and VSTi instruments to create music.
    3.2 MB
     10.  Filename Lister 2.5  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    Get a list of all files, folders or both from any specified drive or directory with the help of this simple and straightforward application.
    1.61 MB
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  • Updates
  • Soft4Boost Slideshow Studio 4.9.7 Windows 
    20.05.2019 / 61.36 MB
    ComboTIFF for Windows 2.32 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 7.52 MB
    Vectoraster 7.4.1 macOS 
    17.05.2019 / 13.71 MB
    Batch MMedia Date Changer 1.53 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 13.73 MB
    Extreme Picture Finder 3.44 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 5.93 MB
    Frequency Generator 2019 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 2.01 MB
    Memory Pictures 1.28 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 19.44 MB
    Multi Level Meter Bridge 2019 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 5.29 MB
    System Monitor II 27.0 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 0.4 MB
    Export Folder Structure for Outlo Windows 
    16.05.2019 / 0.3 MB
    PDF Shaper Free 9.0 Windows 
    16.05.2019 / 6.33 MB
    UnHackMe Windows 
    16.05.2019 / 17.67 MB
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  • New entries
  • 16 Track Mp3 Player 2019 Windows 
    17.05.2019 / 2.97 MB
    CM Batch Filename Changer 1.0.2 macOS 
    17.05.2019 / 16.28 MB
    CM Batch Photo Processor 3.2.1 macOS 
    17.05.2019 / 35.32 MB
    AlphaPlugins EngraverAI (Win) 1.0 Windows 
    16.05.2019 / 0.37 MB
    AlphaPlugins EngraverAI Mac 1.0 macOS 
    16.05.2019 / 0.48 MB
    Listazo Windows 
    15.05.2019 / 3.84 MB
    Easy Speech2Text 1.1.1 Windows 
    14.05.2019 / 6.22 MB
    OfficeSuite for Windows 3.1 Windows 
    14.05.2019 / 2.77 MB
    OzGISMac 14.6 macOS 
    14.05.2019 / 0.46 MB
    Total XML Converter 3.4 Windows 
    13.05.2019 / 59.85 MB
    The Easy Photo Editor 1.18 Windows 
    10.05.2019 / 2.44 MB
    The Easy Photo Sketcher 1.18 Windows 
    10.05.2019 / 2.47 MB
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